Q: How do I add an account for Jabber (XMPP, GoogleTalk), when I didn't do so at setup?

A: Add a section like this to your climmrc while climm is not running:
type xmpp auto
server talk.google.com
port 5222
screen RKuhlmann@gmail.com
password ...

Q: Does climm support uploading of contacts to the server?

A: Partially. Read the documentation. It might not be able to change some things.

Q: Does climm support double wide (i.e. Japanese, Chinese) characters?

A: Mostly: line breaks will be wrong. Editing on the command line should be fine.

Q: What do these symbols mean that are printed for each contact with the 'e', 'w', 'ee', 'ww' and 's' commands?

A: The symbol printed after the peer-to-peer protocol version with the 'ee' and 'ww' commands are connectivity flags:

The symbols printed with all commands are contact flags: If none of the latter are applicable, '&', '|', ':', '.' as above are printed if applicable.

Q: Why do messages to and from some contacts are noted with '«««' and '»»»', while for some others '<<<' and '>>>' are used?

A: The style of those indicates the transport mechanism used. '<<<' and '>>>' are non-acknowledged messages through the server, '«<<' and '>>»' are acknowledged messages through the server, '«««' and '»»»' are acknowledged messages via a direct connection, and finally '»%»' and '«%«' acknowledged messages via an SSL-encrypted direct connection.

Q: How do I report bugs?

A: You first make sure that you have the latest and greatest version of climm - the bug might have already been fixed. Also check the mailing list archive if it's mentioned there, and, of course, this FAQ. You might also check the version in CVS, or this page in English. If you still think you've found a new bug, please report it in the bug tracker, and please report as much detail about your setup as possible. If you can provide a fix, that would be appreciated very much, but, because of the speed climm evolves, if possible create a diff against the current CVS.

Q: Are there any known bugs in climm 0.5.1?

A: Yes, there are.

Q: Are there known bugs in older versions of climm?

A: Of course. Upgrade if they happen to you.

Q: I tried to accept an incoming file request, and climm aborted with this error message:
Assertion failed: (list), function PeerFileIncAccept, file peer_file.c, line 158.
Abort trap (core dumped)

A: Make sure that each icq8 connection in your climmrc is followed by a peer connection like this:
type icq8 auto
version 8
server login.icq.com
port 5190
uin 82274703
password ...
status 0
type peer auto
version 8
status 4

Secret Tips

Here are a few random tips for those people that actually read documentation.

Tip: Find a random climm user: just type 'rand 49'. It will return a user in the random chat group 49. Usually there is no chat group 49. But climm on the other hand uses chat group 49 by default for new users.

en Rüdiger Kuhlmann
es Alberto Bertogli
28.08.2008, 12:39:46